Payment and Information Security:

1. What happens to the information that I provide like my name or E-mail?
All this information is needed to ensure the completion of the payment. We do not collect any information you provide.

2. What guarantees that I will get the solution manual or test bank and this is not a scam?
We use PayPal as our secure payment gateway and that is a mark of our genuine business. Further, we have a 24/7 Live Chat system in case of any issues during or after the purchase that you may face.

3. Are there any hidden charges?
There are no other charges, usage fees or any other subscriptions needed.


Process of purchasing:

1. How Can I Pay?
PayPal is a secure payment gateway, as you know. You are advised to have a PayPal account for easy transaction. However, you can use a credit/debit card directly as well via PayPal.

2. I don’t have a PayPal Account
You will find an option that says, “Pay with your Debit or Credit Card!” under the PayPal login. Click on it and enter your card details to use it directly.


Payment and Download:

1. Why does my order status show it is pending?
The payment happens in three steps. The payment is deducted from your account, it reaches PayPal and then it is transferred to our PayPal account. PayPal would verify the details you have provided with the source of the payment like the credit or debit card account linked to PayPal or the standalone credit or debit card, depending on how you have made the payment. In case of any of these details not being verified, the payment is held by PayPal either to be returned or released based on further actions.

2. How can I resolve this?
You can call to your bank or credit card provider and check with them. Or you can call to PayPal toll free @ 1-402-935-2050. You may have to state the 16-digit transaction ID to resolve the issue.

3. I closed the page before I can download. How can I get it again?
No need to worry. Just check your E-mail, including your spam/junk folders.